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The opening of our store came about out of necessity. My mother had a stroke 7 years ago. Because of the special relationship me and my mother have, I became her primary care giver. Being cooped up in the house with little to do started to take it's toll on my mothers memory. And not being able to work full time took it's toll on my ability to pay my bills. We knew we needed to do something to help both my mom & me. So we did something crazy. We took the advice of all those people who said, " The things you guy's make for your selves and friends are amazing and you should be selling it". We opened The Rusty Bucket (our brick & mortar store) on Oct. 10th 2013 in Lyndonville, VT. From their we continued to listen to the people and when they said you should get on Etsy, we did.
Today, my mothers memory has shown improvement and I get to go to work everyday at a place that I love with my best friend (my mom). How cool is that.
An unexpected benefit is that I am also able to work my hours around my kids (or should I say fur babies). I have a 7 year old Corgi mix rescue and a 2-1/2 year old Beagle Dane mix rescue. Like any 7 and 2 year old, they don't do well being left for long periods of time. So this allows me to work around their needs as well. Win, Win for all.
One of the best parts about owning a store in Vermont is that the pieces we love to repurpose are easily found here and at a cost that allows us to keep our prices affordable for everyone.